"I can't thank you enough for all you do. You've built a real community and my son and I are grateful to be a part of it. " 

                                         - Chris

Martial arts at your local gym...

Classes are offered at Sport and Health Gym in Capitol Hill.    

What students say ...

Seek perfection of character

Be faithful


​Respect others

Refrain from violent behavior


traditional karate

Capital City Karate emphasizes healthy minds, as well as healthy bodies. Through intense physical training – emphasizing core strength, balance and flexibility -- a student learns to strengthen physical and mental skills while developing self-control.  



Capital City Karate

In the 18th Century, karate evolved from the warrior traditions of ancient Japan and Okinawa into a modern weaponless self-defense system. We carry on this legacy by following the principles and teaching Master Nishiyama. 

'Kara' : Empty       'Te' : Hand

Karate = Empty Hand